Return Policy, About David and FAQ

Click here to see qipao/cheongsam style dresses made with my original art in Hong Kong by MsEnvy Corporation
Click here to see fashion, furnishings and accessories designed with my original art by Le Galeriste, Montreal, Canada

Return Policy

If you would like to return an item an item for any reason mail me the item and I will refund to you via Paypal, Venmo or a check the FULL amount plus the amount of postage!  

Mailing address:   1775 Arroyo De Oro
                              San Jose, CA  95116

David Louis Klein

I love to find beauty and capture it with my camera. I love to move the camera with an open shutter to create beautiful light paintings. And occasionally I hold the camera still.  All to capture beautiful images I can use to design prints for fashion.

By the way, I'm an actor who also loves to make fashion!  Here's some head shots from my last photo session - shot by the fashion photographer Frank Hom.

 contact me:
                      415 810 6973


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Are all the images you use on your fashion/clothing made from photos you shot?

Not all, almost all.  I also use some "found" images I have come across in my life and times, including some old maps and mistakes that came out of the copy machine!

What is your return policy?

If you would like to return an item for a full refund please send it to me and I will send you a full refund.

Mailing address:   1775 Arroyo De Oro
                              San Jose, CA  95116

I would like to use one of your images to put on a product/apparel item I am making.  How can I do this?

Please call or e-mail me.  I can discuss with you the sale or licensing of any of my images.  Also, I have worked with fabric printers both in the USA and in Asia.  I can print fabric images on my fabric for you based on your needs.

What is your privacy policy?

I promise never to share your e-mail, phone number or any of your personal information with anyone.

I would like to have an apparel item custom made with one of your images.  How can I do this?

Let me know!  I can ask one of the tailors I work with in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Hong Kong to make an item for you.  Or I can find a tailor near where you live to make an item for you.

Anything else?  Please contact me!   THANK YOU.