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David Louis Klein

I love to find beauty and capture it with my camera. I love to move the camera with an open shutter to create beautiful light paintings. And occasionally I hold the camera still.  

My Dad was a clothing salesman and his older brother painted in his retirement.  My Mom's parents were also in the clothing business.  And my Mom's Dad's brother, my great Uncle Stanley Fleischer, studied architecture at UC Berkeley in the 1920's, then moved back to LA and went to work at Warner Brothers as an Arti Director and went on to have a career there until he died too young at age 70.  My Mom's mom studied theatre and acting at USC in the 1920's.  And my son is a professional Illustrator/Concept Artist so you get the picture here that art and clothing run in my family!

I started acting at Daniel Webster Jr. High School  in West Los Angeles and in the 9th grade I had the lead in a couple of our school plays.  And I made a couple of short films with friends.  I got side tracked in high School for a variety of reasons and only acted in one short film.  But I knew I wanted to get back into making movies so I decided to apply to Film School at SFSU and was accepted in my Junior year with the idea that I would move onto having a career as a "filmmaker".  I wanted to learn how to direct actors so in the first semester of my Senior year at SFSU I took an acting class and it just felt like I was home again.  I began to ask myself WHY I wanted to make films and as I continue to act at SFSU in the last semester of my senior year I can to the conclusion that I didn't have the incentive, at this time, to become a filmmaker and instead, I would pursue acting.

And what I really, really, really wanted, was a family.  And that's what I also found at age 22, the woman who would be my wife.  I graduated from SFSU in 1978 with a degree in Film.  I spent the next few years in my early 20's back at SFSU studying Theatre Arts in the Graduate Program, studying acting in a cult like theatre group I fell into and spending time with girlfriend, who would become my wife.

By my mid 20's I had to make a decision.  Stay in SF and get married to my girlfriend, or break up with her and pursue a life as an actor - where ever that would lead me.

I wasn't 100% confidant I would be successful as an actor.  I was 1000% confidant I would be successful as a "dad".  So I married my girl friend with the idea that we would have kids now, I would work in Sales (like my Dad) and return to acting after our kids were older.

It turns out it wasn't a good marriage and it ended in divorce.  But I achieved success as I've got two fantastic kids now.  Also, I met a woman who is an artist like me who I've been married for many years now so I now have a wonderful extended family who motivate me to continue working towards my goal of creating beautiful and meaningful artwork for you to enjoy.

Speaking of art......In the spring of 2006, at age 50, it was finally time for me to return to acting.  But getting "cast" in a show is easier said than done.  I had an old Nikon Film camera and I decided to take a photo class at City College in San Francisco and I began to get a taste for my love for CREATING visual art, not just appreciating it!   I took a 2nd class in the fall and then I took a studio art class the following year. 

See the two photo shoots I acted in that I created for my photo classes at CCSF here.  And read more about how I started my interest in making fashion here.

A year or so after I took up photography I attended a fashion show and met two artists/painters who had printed their artwork on fabrics and had made long flowing dresses.  My Dad used to smack me around when I was a little kid and force me to wear the free samples he brought home.  So as much as my love for clothing is in my blood, I have never really had much of an interest in clothing up until I attended this fashion show.  It's like I had been repressing my love for clothing and how we style ourselves reflects so much of who we are.  Now, my interest in clothing hit me like a ton of bricks and I embarked on my journey towards creating clothing with my art printed on fabrics.

I took up film photography as I love to take portraits of people.  I also bought a digital SLR camera.  In Los Angeles growing up my friends and I would go on long drives at night, "cruising".   I love to drive and after I took up photography, along with attending various events in the evening to take portraits of night life, I would take photos of lights and move the camera, kind of like a painter moves his brush, to create abstract art light paintings. 

Please enjoy the gallery with my light paintings and all my fine art photography here

I started to study websites for textile designers and looking at fashion online and in magazines!  I love sports, I played football and I was a football referee for high school and Junior College for 15 years before I took up photography.  And as much as I loved being out on the football field, I felt so HOME learning about clothing and fashion!  I took a class in textiles at CCSF and I took a series of classes in how to make fashion.  I was inspired by the brand Black Milk Clothing and decided to make a collection of leggings and short body con dresses.  I printed the fabric here in San Francisco at DPI-SF and had the fabrics cut and sewn at a sewing factory in Oakland.  I started a website and had a lot of fun showing my fashion around the Bay Area!  One of the models who was helping me came up with the name Wild Beautifiul Clothing. 

See the leggings and dresses I made here

After I made this clothing I decided not to focus on making this kind of clothing as I felt like I had so much more to learn about clothing/fashion.  And as an artist, I wanted to make some very beautiful clothing.  A fashion design student from japan, suki Sun, was studying at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  She was introduced to me and she made her first collection of fashion using my prints.  We worked together to create the clothing and I learned so much about designing clothing.  

See the fashion Suki designed with my prints here

After Suki returned to Japan I decided that I would continue to make the qipao/cheongsam Chinese style and Ao Dai Vietnamese style of dress with my prints.  I printed the fabrics with DPI in San Francisco and with a firm in Los Angeles.  I had met a wonderful designer, Thuy Le,  who had been also studying fashion design at the Academy of Art who went on to work for Vera Wang in San Francisco and eventually opened her own shop in San Jose who did the sewing for Ao Dai dresses. 

And I was referred to a wonderful tailor from Shanghai, Mr. Feng, with a shop in Oakland who also did the sewing for the qipao style of dresses I had designed with my prints.

See photoshoots of the Ao Dai Dresses here

And see some of the dresses .created by Mr. Feng here

In December of 2019 I went with my wife to visit her family in Viet Nam.  I then went to Hong Kong and met with MsEnvy and started the process for their company to create a line of qipao style dresses with my prints on silk. I've created nine dresses with this company with plans for a few more.  These dresses in four sizes are now available for sale.

Please see this collection here

When covid 19 came to the USA, I had time to think about making ready to wear clothing again, similar to the clothing I had made under the name Wild Beautiful Clothing.   I did research on the internet and found two companies that produce high quality clothing "on demand; www.printful.com and www.contrado.com.  As I had a Shopify Account from when I had created Wild Beautiful Clothing I decided to create the clothing you see on this website using Printul and Contrado.  I appreciate how they create each piece individually in a timely manner when it is ordered so there is no extra inventory created.  And it is my sincere and deepest hope that you will enjoy wearing my art on clothing!   I want you to feel alive!  Have fun!   Be alluring!  Enjoy your life.

And Live in David Louis Klein..


My recent headshots by the fashion photographer Frank Hom.  Enjoy my acting reels here

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