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Red Roses Wrap Dress

David Louis Klein

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Red Roses Wrap Dress
Red Roses Wrap Dress
Red Roses Wrap Dress
Red Roses Wrap Dress
Red Roses Wrap Dress

If red is your color than this comfortable wrap dress for you!  

  • Above knee wraparound dress
  • V-neck, long sleeves
  • XXS-2XL sizes
  • Printed with my custom design
  • Handmade to order

choice of fabric

Solange Silky Jersey.   A a mid weight, weft knitted, single jersey. It has fine ribbed detailing on the face and has been expertly selected for use in ladies fashion. Incredibly soft to the touch, this silky jersey material has good stretch on the weft. With an amazing drape, this soft jersey fabric, printed with our custom design is an elegant textile.  6.34 oz

  • Soft, stretch, flowing drape
  • Rich colors, fine detail
  • Weft knitted, single jersey
  • Fine rib detail on face


Soft Fashion Jersey  Stretchy and lightweight, fashion jersey fabric printing is Ideal for the body conscious looking for clothing that accentuates the beauty of the human form. An incredibly soft touch fabric, soft jersey fabric feels like a second skin, holding shape well.  5.9 oz

  • Soft, stretch, flowing drape
  • Deep, rich colors, fine detailing
  • Medium weight knitted jersey
  • Very fine rib detail to the face

About this print 

This dress has a print made with a color film photo of some red roses that I put into a pattern.

Care instruction

Turn inside out before washing. Iron on the reverse of the printed side. 86°F wash. Low tumble heat. Do not wring. Low heat iron. Steam safe.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Do Not Wring
  • Low Heat
  • Steam Safe

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